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From May through early September, our freshly-picked Georgia peaches will be at the peak of freshness, and we at P&P Distributors are here to bring them all straight to you in our Milwaukee peach truck. You’ll be able come by to purchase P&P Distributor’s delicious peaches and pecans firsthand at great prices, straight from the farm!
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P&P Wholesale Distributors: Bringing Southern Peaches and Pecans to You

"There are a lot of growers in many states, but there's only one peach and one pecan"

When you crave the most delicious peaches and pecans grown from the best farms, there’s no place like the South. Georgia, Louisiana, and South Carolina are all well known for growing the country’s juiciest peaches and tastiest pecans, which are consumed by our customers all year round. Nothing in this world tastes quite like a sweet Georgia peach while it’s in season, and you can’t go wrong pairing it with the crisp, nutty taste of farm-grown pecans.

P&P Wholesale Distributors are a wholesale peach and pecan company right here in Milwaukee, WI. We are here to bring you all the best farm-grown peaches and pecans from down south. We have the freshest, juiciest southern peaches available in bulk all summer long, ensuring you get the very best ones at the peak of their ripeness. Our delicious hand-picked pecans are available year round as well, meaning you can enjoy delicious, farm-grown pecans even when our peaches aren’t in season.

Fresh peaches here in Wisconsin

Come to our Milwaukee peach truck during the summer months to get your delicious farm-grown peaches or pecans right away. If our truck isn’t in your area and you still want our delicious products, you can instantly order your peaches and pecans online today and get them delivered straight to your doorstep!

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Pecans are rich in essential nutrients like Vitamin E, thiamin, and magnesium! Peaches are fat-free, and a great source of vitamins A, C, E, K, and fiber!
Peach farmer from the heartland of the USA

An Online Marketplace of growers and distributors

Here at P&P Wholesale Distributors, we like to share with all our customers the farmers, growers, suppliers and distributors who work alongside us in the produce industry. By doing so, we encourage people to use the services which help keep our industry alive. P&P’s Marketplace is a must visit for anybody wanting to access the latest products and services related to our delicious farm-grown peaches and pecans.

No matter if you’re looking for new farming equipment or you’re want some delicious food for a Kosher diet, we can help you find what you want. Our Marketplace is here for you to showcase a wide variety of agricultural products and services for consumers all over the country. We want to encourage people from all over to use our Marketplace to find exactly what they’re looking for in the agricultural industry.
P&P Distributors are dedicated to benefiting both marketers and consumers alike – don’t hesitate to check out P&P’s Marketplace directory to learn more about the various services we promote within our farming industry!

To learn more about P&P's peaches and pecans or place an order online, contact P&P Distributors today!