Resellers of Southern Farm-Grown Peaches and Pecans

P&P Wholesale Distributors Promotes Health and Nutrition with Our Quality Farm-Grown ProduceWholesale Peaches

P&P Distributors offer our delicious farm-grown peaches and pecans to resellers, grocers and distributors all over Wisconsin and beyond. With our specialized services, the best-tasting southern peaches and pecans can be available to the general public with ease and convenience at the local grocery stores, bakeries, breweries and restaurants.

Our farm-to-table produce distribution services offers customers throughout Wisconsin a wide assortment of tastes with our farm-fresh peaches and deliciously crisp pecans. We provide wholesale food distribution services for local businesses in need of delicious peaches and pecans – give us a call today at 414-732-9577 to get more information on how your business can sell P&P Distributors peaches or pecans!

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We Provide Local Stores and Shops with the Best Produce of the South

If you own a local shop and you need a supplier of farm-grown produce, P&P Wholesale Distributors is the way to go. We offer wholesale peaches and pecans to many local businesses, including:

Our delicious peaches and pecans are guaranteed fresh upon delivery, and are rich in nutrients like protein, oleic acid, Vitamin A, calcium and fiber. Your business can’t go wrong when you order your farm-fresh produce from P&P Distributors.

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If you run a local food service business which sells farm fresh produce, P&P Wholesale Distributors is the place for you. We provide the best southern peaches and pecans for customers all over Wisconsin, and you too can provide our delicious farm-grown produce at your business.

Contact the peach and pecan wholesalers to learn more about distributing our produce at your food service business.